Saturday, August 4, 2012

The little affliction

as my brain is ready to burst with overflowing words to write on my god forsaken blog, my uncontrollable emotions have let me down once again.

as sun begins to set and the clock ticks away to a brand new day, my heart pounds ferociously as another day has gone by.

as my brain apprises me that is preposterous to achieve it, my heart apprises me otherwise. "Things happened for a reason", it says. (A common phrase that comforts the soul)

2 years passed and I can remark that studying in Glasgow has made me into someone I thought I will never be. I noticed, I became quieter and not as frolicsome as I used to be. Surviving and doing things on my own. Maybe it is the sign of growing up. Guess is just survival of the fittest.
I will not deny that I miss Glasgow alot. I foresee that I will return to that city where memorable memories were created.

As I await for this chapter of my life to end, another is about to begin.